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AutoPods uses a community of real accounts in your niche to boost the popularity, and therefore views and engagements, of all your posts. Many of our users end up on the Explore page!

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How does it work?

1. Join your AutoPod, which is a community of influencers and users in your niche.

1. 100% of users in your AutoPods are real people.

2. Give out likes to others in the group, who will also give likes to you when you post.

This is done automatically, no need to manually like anything!

3. Go viral due to Instagram’s popularity aglorithm.

Instagram favors what is popular, showing it to more people than content with no likes!
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Features Overview

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind
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Real People

The AutoPods community is made up of 100% real people like yourself. Everyone contributes likes to others in their niche, causing everyone to grow exponentially!

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Niche Selection

Likes from people in your niche are more valuable than random people! You can choose up to 3 niches to receive from and give likes to.

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Choose Number of Likes

You don't want to jump from 100 likes to 1000 in one post! You can easily select exactly how many likes you want to receive from your niche!

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Designed for Mobile

You can control and use AutoPods with ease on the go with our mobile optimised website!

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EZ Mode

Checks every 5 minutes if you have posted and automatically boost your content, right when you post it! You never need to visit our site to boost your posts. (Premium Feature)

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+1000 Real Likes

Choose up to 1000 likes per post! All likes are from real people in your niche. This boost in likes usually comes with a 4x boost in organic views across Instagram!

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+1000 Video Views

AutoPods works wonders on videos as well! Make your videos go viral by boosting them!

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Massively Increase Views

Boosting isn't about extra likes, it's about getting your photo out to more Instagram users. Many of our users have ended up on the Explore page!

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24/7 Support

We are fully dedicated to supporting our users. We always do our best to get back to you within the day!

Simple Pricing

Free or Very Low Cost Pricing for All Groups


  • Free Forever!
  • All Niches
  • 100% Real Likes
  • Up to 250 Likes Per Post
  • 1 Post Per Day
  • No Credit Card Required


Most Value
  • EZ Mode Access
  • All Niches
  • 100% Real Likes
  • Up to 1000 Likes Per Post
  • 2 Posts Per Day
  • +1000 Video Views

AutoPods Top Testimonials

  • Customer Testimonails

    Autopods is really easy to use, with great results! You simply select the photo you want to use in the pod, the number of likes and the time frame and away you go! It’s been an invaulable boost to my Instagram game - especially for sponsored posts. With quality likes, why do it manually anymore?!

    @whatskatiedoing 7K Followers
  • Customer Testimonails

    I have been messaged by many companies about Instagram growth but none of them satisfied me like Statalytics. Quick Responses to inquires, Smooth Service Delivery and very reliable. I absolutely Love Them! I don’t see myself using another growth service Im alright here!

    @iam__niva 22.3K Followers
  • Customer Testimonails

    I think AutoPods is one of the most important apps for me in growing my Instagram. Started using it a few days back and I fell in love with it. SUPER useful and super gucci. This web app is so much - the best part it's free!!! Still paying as the features help me out a lot big time.

    @therealmantas 35K Followers
  • Customer Testimonails

    Autopods is amazing and actually gives you many impressions on your posts! It helps your profile get discovered even more!

    @i5vana 11.2K Followers
  • Customer Testimonails

    After the IG algorithm changes I was really frustrated. My posts were not seen by basically anyone and hashtags didn't work. This autopods app solved this problem and I love that all is automated but with real likes and a real community of people who just want to grow together!

    @marastina 18k Followers
  • Customer Testimonails

    I love this service! It definitely helps drive more attention and traffic to my instagram which rolls into helping me with booking more clients! Even let’s you choose categories to match your market or aesthetic to direct the right kind of traffic your way!

    @mikespicerphoto 7.1K Followers

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience
Why/How is the BETA free and still use real people?
The service is free for you for two reasons. The first reason is that we are currently in beta. That means that we are releasing more features and updates, and we use our users to test these out, since there can be bugs. The second reason is that we also offer separate paid services, that many of our free beta users have signed up for after seeing how effective the service is.
How do AutoPods Work?
AutoPods are a community where everyone helps each other. Once you join a group, everyone in the group will like your posts and you will like other people posts in the group. Everybody helps each other go viral this way. But don't worry, you won't have to do anything, we will do it for you!
What is the benefit for me using AutoPods?
First and foremost, the number of likes on your posts will drastically increase. Next, Instagram will actually show your post to more of your own followers, and increase the chances of your post reaching the explore page. Finally, when people see other’s engaging in your content, they are far more likely to engage with it as well, leading to large increases in organic engagements overall.
An Are the likes from real accounts?
Yes, accounts are from 100% real users just like yourself. We never use or allow fake accounts or bots on any of our services.
Is this safe for my account?
Absolutely! Our company takes security very seriously. All of our data is fully encrypted using the latest industry standard encryption techniques. Our servers manage everything, so our team never has access to your passwords or information! Also, we rigorously follow the guidelines and limitations Instagram sets to ensure the safety of your account. We have never had an account blocked, banned, or flagged from using our services!